6 reasons why Google Ad Grants is no-brainer for charities

6 reasons why Google Ad Grants is a no-brainer


Is Advertising on Google Effective?

Billions are spent on online advertising every year. 60% of all online ads are search ads. The vast majority of Google’s mind-boggling income comes from Google AdWords.

Eligible nonprofit organizations get an amazing $10,000 monthly advertising grant on the Google AdWords platforms. Which is great but is it worth it?

Here are six reasons why Google Ad Grants is a no-brainer!

1. Greater Visibility/ Speak to your target audience

AdWord gives you an instant route to the people you want to reach. It’s high intent, which means the people want to read your message (after all, they just looked for a related term, right that second, so they’re in the zone).

The more people search, the more they want what they find. 82% of searchers re-launch a search if they don’t’ find what they wanted on the first page, using more specific keywords.  So when people start wanting what your charity has to offer, you’ll be there!

2.  Pull Advertising is non-intrusive

Google ads are the arguably the only ones that show your message to people who want to read it, at the exact time they want to read it, on the device they want it on.

Most advertising targets you based on who you are (demographic targeting), what you’re watching (TV) or even where you are (billboards). But Google targets based on what you want, right there and then. That makes it a much more welcome message.

3. It reinforces all your PR, Brand and Marketing Activities

When someone sees your charity’s name elsewhere, whether it’s on TV, in print ads or even on a leaflet, they usually Google you or your service to find out more.

AdWords allows you to appear at the top of those search results. This reinforces the message, meaning you get more from your other campaigns.

4. It’s good for your reputation

It’s not just your specific marketing campaigns that get a boost from you appearing on Google search results pages.

36% of search engine users believe that the companies whose websites are returned at the top of the search results are the top brands in their field.
When you’re pitching for corporate partnerships and talking to major donors, being seen as the top brand in your field makes a massive difference.

5.  It shows your messages all day, every day

When you send a tweet or an email, it goes out once, and that’s it. With Google Ad Grants, once you send your ad, it can appear thousands of times every single day. It’s the only channel that will repeatedly show your messages to a wide variety of people.

The brilliant thing about this is it leads to a steady stream of repeat business – volunteers, fundraisers, and even service users. All from the same batch of keyword research and ad writing.

6. The Google Ad Grants program is totally free!

Yep. Now that’s a return on investment.

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