5 Changes To Make To Comply With Google’s Ad Grant Policy Update

5 Easy Changes You Can Make To Comply With Google’s Ad Grant Policy Update

Google has significant adjustments to their policies around Ad Grants. The Google Ad Grants program is heavily pushing quality with a majority of these adjustments. Although some of these changes may appear daunting to organizations. They actually encourage organizations to do the extra work. This will help uncover quality keywords that in return bring higher quality users to your website and online resources.


Please follow the links to Google’s Ad Grant Policy Update

· Terms and conditions

· Mission-based campaigns policy

· Website policy

· Account management policy

5 Easy Changes You Can Make To Comply With Google’s Ad Grant Policy Update


1. Check Your Account’s Click Through Rate Is Above 5% Last Month

Change the date range to the last month, and look at the CTR at the bottom of the table. If it’s under 5%, start pausing the keywords with the lowest CTRs. 

If you find yourself with a low overall CTR for your account, you can pause all ad groups with an individual CTR lower than the 5% minimum.

This will buy you some time to work on those ad groups without the pressure of suspension looming over your head. Once they’re paused, those ad groups will stop detracting from your overall account CTR.

It’s important to remember that raising your CTR is all about making sure your ads meet searcher expectations.


2. Pause/Remove Single Word Keywords

There are some exceptions to this policy.

1. Your organisations name or

2. This list of single keyword policy exceptions.


3. Pause/Remove Generic Keywords

Generic terms that don’t include a sense of the user’s intent when they’re searching. Either pause them or edit them to add additional text to these queries for more context.
Your keywords need to be relevant to your ads, and both need to be relevant to the content you’re sending visitors to on your website.


4. Add Negative Keywords From The Search Term Report

Ensure you're not bidding on something lowering your CTR that you didn't expect to bid on. Search Term reports are at the keyword level of AdWords.


5. Get Help From The Experts

Google Support offers various forms of help to Non Profits. From organisations starting to explore Search Engine Marketing to more advanced. Youtube videos, tailored help content, their online community and upcoming webinars/events.


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