We will develop AdWords campaigns and integrate them with Google Analytics. Our campaigns are designed using historical data from other nonprofit advertisers.

 Google AdWords Features



  • Your ads become live within hours of launching campaigns
  •   Reach people when they are looking for you
  •   Target audiences worldwide or locally (country, region or radius)
  • Target by demographics (age and gender)
  •   Track clicks, ads seen, conversions and more
  •   Desktop and mobile optimized
  •   Refine targeting with negative keywords

 Google Analytics Features

  • Records every interaction with your website
  •   Discover the source of your website traffic (paid, organic, email or referral)
  •   Find out where in the world traffic is searching from
  •   Set and track goals for specific interactions
  •   View and analyze traffic flows and identify patterns
  •   Integrates with Google AdWords